Our Mission

TRINOTA aims to help doctors assess patient specific treatment efficacy with the use of 3D visualization (Physical and Digital Models) of a patient's region of interest (ROI).


Comprised of a team of Biomedical Engineers, we are experienced in medical terminology and imagery.


We understand that timing is crucial and will work to get your requests processed in a timely manner.


TRINOTA complies with the standards set by HIPAA regarding Protected Health Information(PHI) and stores all PHI at a secure facility, with 24hour security monitoring.


With the use of our Ultra High Resolution Professional Grade 3D Printer, we can produce physical models of the patient's ROI.

Other Services Offered By TRINOTA

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Our Medical Modeling Capabilities

The goal at TRINOTA is to offer a new dimension to medical imagery.  Below are how we here at TRINOTA are striving to provide this objective.

CAD Rendering

The base level conversion of CT/MRI DICOM data into 3D models stored and accessed digitally.

3D Printing

Bring new light to medical imagery with access to a physical model of the Patient's ROI.

VR Modeling

Virtual Reality provides the surgeon with total immersion of the Patient's ROI, allowing for a better familiarization before the first incision.